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About Zachary Watson...From Educator to Speaker and Entertainer!

Hello, my name is Zachary Watson, and I am a graduate from the wonderful University of Southern Indiana. I studied History, Mathematics, and had an emphasis on Psychology. I am proud to say that I had a 3.9 overall GPA for both of my degrees. I have much adoration for my education and I have vowed to be a life-long learner! As a licensed educator through the State of Indiana, I am able to teach fifth through twelfth in history, any of the social sciences, psychology, and mathematics. Between my education at USI, volunteer work across the Midwest, my previous jobs at Counseling centers, and my experience teaching high school and middle school students, my experiences have broadened my knowledge in understanding peoples, cultures, life, the way people interact with each other, and poverty. I am a firm believer that nothing great in this world has ever been accomplished without passion, and passion sells! And I am very passionate about many issues. In turn, I have always been motivated to do my best and get the knowledge and joy out of every experience, opportunity, and minute of life that I have been given. I am an advocate for a liberal arts education. I feel that a worldly education is absolutely paramount in building character and critical thinking skills. I know that without the encouragement, push, and ideas given to me by my friends, professors, family, and my wife, I would not be where I am today. I own and run full-time my business, Trix Stix LLC, where I have found my sphere of interest and use my personal brand of being an entertainer and motivational speaker to get out in the community and galvanize change...positive change! Because, without change...there can be no future. I have performed in front of thousands of people at events at K-12 schools, universities, churches, hospitals, gyms, conference centers, nursing homes, concerts, mental care facilities, and professional sports' stadiums. To become successful in any field, especially public speaking, you MUST know your audience. I take the time to get information about who and where I will be presenting. This methodology has absolutely created a successful atmosphere in each of the events I have been hired for and I have many returning clients! In sum, I know that in the future I will continue to work hard, be ambitious, and not let anyone stop me from getting to my goal of reaching people in all fifty states with my speaking platforms. Lastly, I want to share something with all who read this..."Don't Dream it...BE IT!" Because, I am proof in front of you that you can use what you have and be successful. In my case?.simply three sticks. Thus, I encourage everyone to "STICK with it!"

University of Southern Indiana December Degree

University of Southern Indiana April Degree

President George Bush's Daily Point of Light Award for my work in my community with Trix Stix Youth Speaking 

I am an avid volunteer in the community and have completed over 2700 service hours to both local and non-local communities. I have completed three terms with the national organization AmeriCorps which is a domestic PeaceCorps that aims to help communities and takes part in many civil engagements. I have worked as a GED tutor for people who were addicted to alcohol and/or drugs. I am also a volunteer and helper with the Boy Scouts of America. My special business as a community volunteer and speaker helped earn me the title of University of Southern Indiana's Homecoming King in 2012 my senior year in college.

Trix Stixing is a hobby that I have been doing for many years where I hold two baton sticks and manipulate a third, "middle" stick. I have been voted the people's choice winner for the "Best in Show" at the "The Really Big Show" and have presented halftime shows for national organizations like Lemonade Day and the WNBA. I plan to keep putting my time and effort into going out into the community and using my words and Trix Stix skills to entertain, motivate, inspire, and impact lives.

Zachary Watson the "One Man Entertainer"

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