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"Zachary Watson is an exceptional performer and speaker"

Whether I am performing in front of 7 or 7,000 people, get ready to have an exquisite time! Trix Stix LLC will make sure to provide enough laughs, entertainment, and crowd involvement in my performances that the audience will be yearning for more! See what the BUZZ is about and get in touch with Zachary Watson today!

Don't take chances with other youth speakers or family entertainers and make sure to bring Zachary Watson to add value to your special event today! Trix Stix LLC is an all-in-one package with just the right touch of entertainment and professionalism! And there's more! The organization or private venue that I am hired for will not need to provide any speakers, miscellaneous sound equipment, microphones, or other technical supplies. My technician and I will take care of it all. We will just need an outlet!

Signing Autographs to Ms. Williams' second grade class after an Anti-Drug and Alcohol Presentation in Lexington, Kentucky.

Zachary Watson has a king-size knack for speaking to students: Kindergarten - College

What makes my youth and young adult motivational speaking so desirable and special is that I offer what most of my competition does not...entertainment! I masterfully intertwine my messages with crowd interaction, Trix Stix bits, and engaging anecdotes to maintain complete attention of the audience while being able to highlight my topics. Each audience becomes intimately engaged as I speak using my wealth of moving and lasting messages. I am versatile in what I can speak about, I will talk on many varying topics. Whether the topic be bullying, alcohol and drugs, staying in school, entrepreneurship, health and fitness, interview skills, importance of staying focused, leadership, respect, education and its power, how to be an effective college student, or anything else!

 What does all of this mean for you or your school or organization? Well, I am willing to adapt to any desired theme so that I can make an unequivocal performance that revitalizes, improves, boosts, and creates an enjoyable atmosphere that will be appreciated by all involved.

Take a passionate and wondrous journey and find out for yourself how Zachary builds motivation, educates about creating positive change, and tells students to invest in themselves so that success can be theirs! You'll be glad you did! Zachary easily outperforms the competition when it comes to speaking to students! Zachary has spoken to students from all walks of life at K-12 public and private schools, juvenile centers, counseling centers, The Junior Mental Health Association, national Entrepreneurship organizations, Youth Resources, 21st Century Scholars, and many more!

"Zachary Watson was born to entertain"

Trix Stix LLC guarantees a unique, entertaining, and comedic family performance. Zachary's shows are full of energy, enthusiasm, and filled with crowd involvement that will keep the audience yearning for more! "Zachary's talent is super-specialized and is something that he has perfected throughout the past 15 years...when you mix that with his gift of speaking to is indubitably a spectacle to watch and be a part of!"

Trix Stix programs are perfect for a wide-range of events for all ages!

♦ Whole School Speeches and Shows

♦ Orientation Entertainment

♦ Birthday Parties

♦ Halftime Shows

♦ Church Gatherings or Banquets

♦ Holiday Parties

♦ Whole Day Gym Class Programs

♦ Summer Socials

♦ Motivational Speeches

♦ One Hour Trix Stix Making Workshops

♦ Welcome Week Entertainment

♦ Festival Entertainment

♦ Lock-In Entertainment

♦ Company Picnics

♦ Comedic and skill performance

♦ Interactive after-school workshops

♦ LED Stix performances

♦ Halloween Entertainment (Fire Stix performance)

♦ Leadership Events

♦ Freshman Kickoffs

♦ College Events

♦ Trix Stix Lessons

♦ Fraternity or Sorority Philanthropy Events

♦ Health and Wellness Events

Volunteering..."Good for the heart....Good for the Soul."

Zachary Watson has been an avid promoter and contributor to volunteer and service in communities. Serving as a GED tutor, Habitat Volunteer, Fundraising representative, community builder, and many other titles, Zachary has accumulated over 2400 hours of service in his local Tri-State area in Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois. For his motivational speaking and hours of service, he has been awarded a Daily Point of Light Award which was established by Former President George H. W. Bush to encourage individuals, businesses, and groups to solve community problems through voluntary service.

 On top of making positive changes and differences in the community, Trix Stix LLC has done many volunteer shows for organizations and groups all over the U.S., for both promotional and philanthropic purposes.

Ideas for your school or organization's activity, party, or special event!

All of these events listed below are ideas of what Trix Stix LLC can offer your needs.

The Trix Stix are a great way to add value to the program that you are planning, my

skill is specialized, unique, fun, and mobile! The Trix Stix are a sure way to pack

that extra punch into your organization's special event!

Trix Stix Entertainment - 35-45 minutes - This show involves an introduction to

myself, the Trix Stix, what I do, and then I have crowd interaction activities. I also conclude

with a performance like I would do at a talent show or for a halftime.    

Trix Stix Coach - 60 minutes - This is a great follow-up program after I have already

came in and presented! This is also great for a weekly event at summer and day camps. For

one hour I give an active, engaging, and fun tutorial, on how to manipulate, control, and play with

the Trix Stix. I act as their coach and they follow my instructions. Along with teaching them the

steps to do amazing tricks, I also pair them up and teach them how to work together as a team and

pass the Trix Stix back and forth with each other. 

Trix Stix Emcee - However long the event I will be emceeing is - Need an energizing,

exciting, and upbeat emcee for your organization's event (concert, fundraiser, talent, or fashion

show?) Look no further! Zachary Watson is perfect to be the host, face, and voice of your entire

event. The best part of Trix Stix LLC is that I will also provide a splendid intermission

or conclusion with my specialized talent!

Fire Stix and Trix Stix Performance - 25 minutes (1 burn) This

show involves an introduction to myself, the Trix Stix, what I do, and then I have crowd

interaction activities. At the end I do a concluding performance and then I'm either outside

or the lights get turned off and I do my FIRE stick performance.  

Fire Stix and Trix Stix Performance 2 (More FIRE) - 35 minutes

(2 burns) This show involves an introduction to myself, the Trix Stix, what I do, and then I have

crowd interaction activities. At the beginning and end I do a performance and then I'm either

outside or the lights get turned off and I use TWO different Fire sticks and do TWO of my

FIRE stick performances.

LED Stix and Trix Stix Performance- 35 minutes - This show involves

an introduction to myself, the Trix Stix, what I do, and then I have crowd interaction activities.

At the end I do a concluding performance and then the lights get turned off and the audience

will get to enjoy the awe-inspiring sights of my LED sticks. This will ensure an audience to

become mesmerized by this pair of Trix Stix.

Freelance Entertainment - (However long desired) - This is where you hire

me to be an entertainer who walks around and shows off the Trix Stix while I'm making rounds

around your venue. Or I could be placed at the front gate and be a friendly faced greeter

while showing off my Trix Stix skills to all who go by. I will also get a fast information

session with my hirer so that I can also be a man who also gives information on where to go

and what the event that I'm there for is all about (This one is really good for places that have

long lines to get into a venue, where the patrons are bored waiting and have nothing to watch

or do.)

Motivational Speech - 30-55 minutes Various topics, I am willing to write a new

one if one I have already made is not desired. Here are some I've done in the past for various

event (i.e. Alcohol and Drugs awareness, Focusing on your future, Respect, Responsibility,

Importance of Education, Bullying, Leadership, Confidence, and more. Each speech involves

entertainment, laughs, solid delivery, energy, crowd interaction, and a strong message that is

sure to add value to your program or event.

Bi-lingual event - This is a performance/show that is designed for both Spanish

and English speakers. This show involves an introduction to myself, the Trix Stix, what I

do, and then I have crowd interaction activities. While the whole time during my speaking,

I have a partner/entertainer and fluent Spanish speaker translating the entire performance in

a spectacle that must be seen for yourself. This show is very unique in that both Spanish

and English speakers alike will be able to enjoy the show throughout the whole thing.  

For prices or quotes, email us and give the details of your

event, and we'll get back with you with a quote! 

Prices and Rates

Every performance is different and unique! I base my prices on how long I will be performing, type of performance, attendance at the performance, and travel expenses.

Typical length of performances are anywhere from 25-60 minutes in length.

Next, do not worry! We are willing to work with any type of budget! "We will find a balance."

Email about the details and we will be happy to give you a quote

Email -            Phone - 812-484-9987

And, YES! We also manufacture and sell customized Trix Stix.

If you are wanting to purchase your own pair Trix Stix...

Either CLICK HERE or go to the tab entitled "Shop For Trix Stix" at the top of the page.

Customer - "Adore is not a strong enough word for the Trix Stix. They go to school with them every day and they have them in their hands constantly at home. The Trix Stix are a major hit!"

Find us on Facebook and "Like" us! Just search for "Trix Stix LLC." or click here.

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