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Motivational Speech Topics

ALL presentations include the Trix Stix. Trix Stix LLC is a complete package for presentations. The hiring school or organization will NOT need to provide any equipment. Zachary will show off his engaging talent by performing tricks, weave his story of the Trix Stix into each and every topic, and engage audiences with crowd-interaction and volunteers. Students and teachers alike LOVE to come on stage to try the Trix Stix out! Your organization will be talking about the Trix Stix long after he’s gone. You don’t want to pass up this speaker and entertainer!!

Motivational Speaking Topics

40-65 minutes in length. Prices vary due to amount of students, date, topic, ,distance, and number of assemblies and presentations during the trip/day. ***Gain discounts by booking multiple assemblies or bringing other schools in your area on board for presentations!***

Anti Drugs and Alcohol (K – 12th grades)

Good decision making (especially after a disappointment)Sticking to goals/striving for success/focusing on your futureUnderstand negative effects of drugs and alcohol

State Testing (3rd – 10th grades)

  • Motivates before important state testing weeks

  • Trying to do your best at every task

  • Reduce your stress

  • Importance of education

Sticking Together Against Bullying (K – 6th grades)

  • Be an UPstander, not a Bystander

  • Positive role models, positive moral compass, being respectful

  • Long-term consequences of bullying

Juggling the Things in Your Life for Optimal Success (7th – 12th grades)

Good decision makingImportance of educationBecoming a “Renaissance Man/Woman” (being a liberal arts educated student)Focusing on important things in life to gain success

Leadership, Respect, and Being Yourself (5th – 12th grades)

Be a leaderRespect yourself and others (reinforces the Golden Rule)Achieve success by using the skills you have

Life After High School and College Success (11th – 12th grades)

  • Changes after graduation

  • Application of high school and college education

  • FAFSA and money with college life

  • Importance of being a well-rounded and contributing individual

  • Being Motivated, Ambitious, Self-driven, and Stubborn to gain MASSive success

Confidence in Being Yourself (4th – 12th females)

Respect yourselfIgnore societal stereotypes for femalesBeing confident in your looks, skills, and talents

Health and Fitness (1st – 12th grades)

Health Tips, Diet, ExerciseBuild Self EsteemReasons to be active and healthy

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