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It's easy to see for yourself the extraordinary successes and proven results that we have had with clients in the past. Check out what people are saying about Trix Stix LLC! Firsthand accounts and evaluations from schools to colleges, to churches and parties, and even testimonials about our products can all be found below. Find out below what principals, program managers, counselors, museum and library coordinators, teachers, parents, and other customers are saying about Trix Stix LLC's programming!

Testimonials from organizations, schools, customers, and event planners:

Barbara Basham

ECC/Saffell St. FRC

Saffell Street Elementary students and staff loved Zachary's Trix Stix performance. I would highly recommend him and would love to have him back in the future!

Kate Leahy Hein

West Terrace Elementary School PTA

Zachary Watson is a rock star at West Terrace Elementary! Our students, faculty and staff were completely engaged in his customized LED "glow" Trix Stix performance to cap off our PTA membership drive. We marveled at his talent, laughed as we we tried our hand at Trix Stix and even learned about Sir Isaac Newton and the science of gravity in the process. Will you promise to come back and visit us again soon? Thank you, Zach, for giving our children this memorable and inspiring event!

Pastor Terry Gamblin

Pastor Howell G. B. Church

Zachary was loved by all. He totally entertained the youth and the adults and so many said we need to have him back and I am sure we will. He was full of energy and kept the people involved in the program with him. I am sure you would love him too. He is good for all age groups.

Bruce Farley

Guidance Counselor, Henderson North Middle School

The kids absolutely loved Zachary's energy and his show. Anyone who works with middle school students can attest to how hard it is to excite and entertain this particular age group, but Zachary kept their attention and got them involved. Great job!!

Christine Morris

Principal - Eldorado Middle School

Zachary Watson was a true wonder at our school assembly. He did a magnificent job of keeping our middle school students entranced the entire time. The students were so taken by his performance and message that they were truly disappointed when the program ended, which is a rare feat at the middle school level. Zachary displayed an abundance of energy and talked non-stop keeping the kids really in tune with his message. Thanks for an outstanding program. We will be recommending you to other schools in the area.

Diane Braun

Senior Youth Development Program Director YMCA

Zachary was our featured guest for our annual YMCA Youth Summit in March. His energy and enthusiasm was a great high point to the evening. Middle school youth participated without hesitation and enjoyed the time with him. Many youth name the Trix Stix activity as their favorite part of the Youth Summit.

Krista Johnson

Library Aide/AR Program Assistant Chandler Elementary

Zachary has come to perform with his Trix Stix at Chandler Elementary as a reward celebration for students who achieved their Accelerated Reader goals. He is an absolute crowd pleaser with his eye catching Trix Stix! The kids connect with his enthusiasm and passion for his unique talent! Zachary gets kids actively involved in his performances and they love it! He also came to do a special Trix Stix Gym Day where he spent the school day instructing various classes of students (grades 2-5) how to use the stix with different techniques and tricks they could do themselves. The students had the opportunity to purchase a pair of Trix Stix after his visit through a school fundraiser! It was a win-win for our students & school! Zachary will have you "sticking with it" after you meet him! The kids are already asking to have him return next year!

Lori Quigley

8th grade Math Teacher and Jr. Beta Sponsor

The students were very attentive to the program, it was a high energy presentation that really kept their attention. His message really sparked some great conversations in our chat groups at school. Zachery brought the kids together and awed them with his talent and passed on an important message. Thanks for a wonderful assembly Mr. Watson!!

Kimberly Porter

Reading Intervention Teacher - Extremely Satisfied Customer

I had seen Zachary perform before and as expected he put on an excited, fast paced show that kept 250 kindergarten- 5th grade students entertained (along with all their parents!!). The workshop that he conducted for our Afterschool program was fantastic - I have kids still calling or email asking when we can have him back to our school! This was by far the best assembly that we have had at our school in a long time! Can't wait to do it again!! Thanks Zachary!

Joan Knox - Student Council Adviser

St. Bernard Academy Nashville, TN

Zachary's presentation was dynamic and kept the full attention of the students from grades 1-8. His Red Ribbon Week messages about drugs, alcohol, and smoking were clear and enhanced greatly by the force of his skills with the Trix Stix. The students loved him!

Alex Walton

FRYSC Coordinator

Absolutely amazing!! The students at Reidland Intermediate and Middle school truly loved it! We would love to have Zachary back for more performances! It was absolutely worth it!!

Collin Gentry

I have had the privilege to witness Zach's Trix Stix on several instances, and I cannot overstate his unique style and powerful stage presence. Audiences of all ages are enthralled by the contagious energy and professionalism with which his routines are conducted.

Kathy Oeth

Zachary Watson is an enthusiastic performer! His initial appearance in The Really Big Show, a charity event that he donated time and talent to support, didn't disappoint. Zachary raised the highest amount of votes to earn the show's People's Choice Award and the opportunity to perform in the following year's event. Zachary Watson is an exceptional performer, a man of integrity and a joy to work with!

Maria Key

Middle School Teacher

Zachary Watson was born to entertain and educate. I have been witness to his commanding presence that engages all people from young to old. Zachary's flexibility of talent and speaking skills makes him a perfect candidate to entertain a room or send a powerful message. Mixed with an energy that no one can describe, Zachary Watson and his Trix Stix are perfect for a unique experience that will keep the audience talking long after the event is over.

Jan Schlimmer

I was one of the first group of people to witness Zach's awesome routine. Everyone at my Church's banquet had a really great experience. Last summer I got to see him at the Four Freedoms Monument with the fire show and that was out of this world. Zach is one fine young man in my opinion...

Debbie Perigo

Preschool Teacher

Zachary's message really came through to the audience. He kept their attention with his high energy performance with the trix stix and then had them really thinking about making a good choice in life. I look forward to watching another performance.

Emily Comer

USI Student

I have seen Zach perform at various events at USI and he never ceases to amaze me with his INCREDIBLE trix stix!! :)

He always has something new, something exciting, and something unexpected! Zach can keep the energy up in a room like no other performer I have seen. He's AWESOME and his motivational speech is VERY POWERFUL!!! :)

Jeff Thomas

College Professor

Zach's performances are purposeful and dynamic. I have seen him perform in front of students and it seemed every single student focused on his message and skills. His enthusiasm is contagious!

Denise Seibert

Director of Development, Evansville ARC

Zach performed in The Really Big Show, an annual fundraiser for Evansville ARC, in 2010 and 2011. Both years, his performances were unique and full of energy. Zach was voted by audience members as the People's Choice Winner of the 2010 show and because of his popularity, he was invited to perform again in 2011. Zach is fun and outgoing, and his energy and enthusiasm is contagious!

Shari Gesser

I first saw Zach at the Really Big Show and I was amazed!!!! This young man has talent. He made such a impact on me that I saught him out and he did a routine at my sons preschool and the children loved him. Zach can cater to all crowds. It has been a unique experience watching Zach improve and he even plays around with fire. I saw him again at the Really Big Show in 2011 and he still left me amazed.

Tom Kessler

Pastor, St Matthew Catholic Church

It was a very hot July day, my first day as pastor of St Matthew, it was our annual summer social. There were booths with games, food, gift baskets and there was an entertainment area. People walking everywhere, lots of talking and noise. What caught my eye and ear was the music and this 'kid' with these sticks! It was amazing to watch him and then watch the crowd get caught up in his act and his energy. People stopped what they were doing, got closer to the entertainment area to listen and watch. I didn't even know his name or how we got him. After his performance I met him. Zachary is very engaging, outgoing and energetic. He appears to be in love with life and what he is doing. Great performance, awesome young man!

Colleen McLaughlin

Program Director for Ralleyball Tennis

I have been watching Zach use his Trix Stix for over 8 years. Each time I watch him perform, he amazes me! His enthusiasm and energy seem to be boundless. Zach's hand-eye coordination truly impressed me. So much so that I asked him to teach young people in my tennis program, which is called Ralleyball. He was definitely an asset. Zach is dependable, honest, and trustworthy. He is also just plain fun to be around! I would highly recommend him as a performer and speaker.

Jerrianne Bonenberger

Vice-President Old North United Methodist Church

I was in charge of finding the entertainment for our Mother-Friend banquet last year and remembered seeing an article about Zach in the newspaper concerning his performance at The Really Big Show. Zach totally entertained our group with his talents and stories. I would have him come back again!

Angie Watson

Colonels 2 College Representative

Zachary entertained at the 1st annual "Ohio Valley's Got Talent" show that was a fundraiser for Colonels 2 College, a non profit organization that provides scholarship funds for Henderson County High School students who will attend Henderson Community College in Henderson, Ky. He advanced to the finals and did an awesome job! There was no act like his and his performance added such an entertaining variety and mix to the talent show!! We are looking forward to seeing him perform again at next year's talent show as well as other events throughout the Tri-State.


Afterschool Activities Programmer

I just had Zachary Watson perform and speak at my ROCK!!! And he ROCKed!!! I completely promote him for any entertainment or classroom/afterschool presentations!!! I know I have teacher friends whose students would looooove it!!!

Jordan Pond

I had the privilege of meeting Zach the first week of school our Freshman year at USI and becoming friends for the past four years. He has a great spirit and loves what he does. Zach seemed to always have a new trick in the works, so if you think you have seen all his tricks, then just give him a little time and prepare to be amazed!

Ron Baysinger

Best School Program Ever

Zach came to our school on our last day and gave one of the most inspiring and exciting performances we have had in a long time. He not only entertained us with his talent, but he was an inspiration to students to always do their best and do it with a sense of humor. We will definitely have him back....THANKS!!!

Margie Tomes


Zachary was the entertainment at a fundraiser for my husband. It was a fun(d)raiser for sure. He is dynamic, witty, high energy and very talented. I feel that Zachary could perform in any venue.

Gena Daniels

I was throwing a surprise birthday party for my husband on his 30th birthday and I knew I needed some entertainment or something exciting. Zach was the first thing that came to mind and I am so happy that I called him to do Trix Stix because he was a huge hit and he gave the party the excitement that it needed! The show was great and I appreciated his professionalism throughout the experience. I would highly recommend Zach's entertainment talents for your next party!

Tim Buecher

Director of Career Counseling at USI and SpringFest Advisor

Zach is an incredible performer. At USI's SpringFest, he mesmerized over 800

elementary and middle school students with his Trix Stix. The way he was able to

engage that many children was remarkable to watch. When he took the stage, it was

like when the "Wizard of Oz" goes from black and white to Technicolor. Zach is a

"must see" for literally any group who wants to be entertained.

Katie Montrastelel

Day Camp Director - Swonder Ice Arena

Always on the lookout for new and exciting special events for Camp Swonder, I was thrilled to learn that Zach had taken his talent with Trix Stix to the next level! He is an amazing public speaker who easily captivated our campers (ages 6-12 yrs) with his enthusiasm and showmanship. Zach easily kept the children engaged and cheering for more. In addition to his performance, our group was lucky enough to participate in a Trix Stix building workshop. As always, Zach was professional and efficient, even with our large group. The best thing that I can say about this program is that our campers are STILL talking about it! I would recommend Trix Stix with Zachary Watson to anyone looking for something new and fun to do!

Lyndsie Fugate

Education Coordinator, cMoe

Zachary has a wonderful energy with the audience, a great sense of humor, and is a reliable and responsible performer to work with. Everyone had a great time!

Rachel Seitz

Counselor for Dramatic Arts Camp at Camp Rivervale

Zachary did an absolutely amazing job speaking and performing at Camp Rivervale. The day was hot and a little uncomfortable but he had every single person's eyes and attention on him. He was very motivational with his speech about the golden rule; "treat others the way you want to be treated." Everyone in every age group (from 11 years old all the way to someone in their 60s) could relate to his stories and speech. His performance was not a letdown! He was very entertaining and funny. I would love to see his performance again.

Bill Bussing

President, Evansville Otters

Zachary is spellbinding. He delighted fans as they arrived at Bosse Field this summer. His antics captivated young and old alike. For sheer entertainment, I recommend him highly.

Jamie Lawalin

Guidance Counselor, Jefferson Elementary

Zachary put on this show for our students, grades K-5. They really enjoyed it. It went along with many of the character education studies we have been doing in classroom guidance. I highly recommend having Zachary perform. He is a great motivator and performer!

Penny Titzer

Guidance Counselor Castle North Middle School

Zachary Watson performed at Castle North Middle School in Newburgh Indiana during RED RIBBON WEEK 2010. 760 students were amazed and motivated to shoot for the stars! It was majestically fantaSTIX !! Indeed we will be scheduling Zachary again in Paradise!

Katie Martin

Youth Care Center

Zachary is an incredible performer and motivator for teens and adults alike! He performed at the Youth Care Center and involved staff as well as kids in his activities! His TRIX were amazing and it was a great opportunity to for our residents to see Zach taking something he loves to do and turning it into something positive and productive. NICE JOB!!!

Lisa Marie Hale

Principal - Fairlawn Elementary School

Zachary Watson came back to his former elementary school and provided an inspirational presentation for our students. He is a talented performer and truly connected with our students. His message was powerful and timely. He challenged our students to set their goals high, to always treat others like they want to be treated, and to strive for excellence and leadership. Zachary is absolutely wonderful!

Joyce Moers

Burdette Park Camp Supervisor

Zachary gave a Trix Stix performance to our Day Camp and the kids loved it! He kept their attention and amazed them the entire time. He also put on a workshop with our older campers, taught them all how to make their own pair of Trix Stix and how to use them. Zachary is great with kids, has good energy and keeps them all interested and involved.

Marty Watson

Principal, Loge Elementary

Zachary provided a highly entertaining performance with a powerful message for our students at Loge Elementary. Student engagement was clearly evident as our students were on the edge of their seats. Zachary's ability to modify his message for different topics and grade levels is one of many unique talents Zachary is able to deliver.

Judy VanHoosier

Principal, Good Shepherd Catholic School

Zachary brought his message and skills to Good Shepherd Catholic School for Red Ribbon Week. He focused on setting goals and making good choices. His high energy and mastery of the Trix Stix kept our students in grades 4-8 entertained and thoroughly engaged in his presentation.

Carrie Bender

School Counselor-Cedar Hall K-8

Zachary Watson is to Trix Stix as Houdini was to magic! The envelope please.....the Oscar for "entertaining" and "educating" goes to Zachary Watson.

Tennyson Elem. 21st CCLC After School

The Trix Stix program presented by Zachary Watson was extremely amazing! His interactions with the students and staff were remarkable. His message was positive and real life, which made a memorable impression on all who attended. The students have not stopped talking about Zachary and his Trix Stix and are asking when he will be returning to entertain them!

Joe Schlosser

Assistant Principal, Cedar Hall

Zachary entertained our students and delivered a fantastic message, too! He is a talented performer with a passion for making a difference with kids. He really connected with our students!

Mrs. Krista Johnson

Librarian/AR Program Chandler Elementary

Zachary came to Chandler Elementary to perform for our K-5 students to reward them for achieving their Accelerated Reader goals. Highly professional from head to toe, Zachary came dressed in our school colors to celebrate our students' success & put on an absolutely unforgettable show! The students were "wowed" with his high energy & unique entertaining abilities. He definitely has the talent to keep the kids in the palms of his hands as he actively interacts with them while performing. The students enjoyed participating during his performance & watching him entertain with his cool pairs of Trix Stix. His personality is welcoming, friendly, & sure to be a crowd pleaser for audiences of all ages! Highly recommended as one of our area's best talents! :)

Kurt Krodel

Principal, Newburgh Elementary School

Our students have classified Zachary Watson as "completely awesome" and "impressive" just to name a few after a recent performance at our school. Zachary brought an astounding amount of energy and motivation to our students. He proved to be a true professional that aims to provide a program that will meet your specific needs. We will most certainly have him return for another performance in the future!


Middle School Teacher

Our middle school students love using Trix Stix. We purchased a class set to keep kids active when we cannot get outdoors due to weather. They love them!

Drew Gerth


Zachary put on a great show for my daughters 9th birthday party. The kids not only enjoyed watching and listening to Zach, but also building and using their own Trix Stix. My niece said it best when she said, "Uncle Drew that is the best birthday party I have ever been to."

Tim Fitzgibbon

Academic Advisor, University of Southern Indiana

Zachary was the featured entertainer at the closing ceremony of our Student Success Week. His energy as well as his message is truly remarkable. Zachary's interaction with the audience of college students captured their attention and was a tremendous finale to a great week. He put the "success" in our Student Success Week!

Julie Ann Morrison

Cub Scout Den Leader, Pack 350

Hello Zachary Watson! (said with the hand motion). We just had the distinct pleasure of having this fine young man entertain us for our 2012 Blue and Gold Dinner! All we could say was....fabulous! His high energy had EVERYONE going! Zach involved everyone in the audience from kids to the adults. He was non-stop entertainment from start to finish and awed us the entire time! He truly is Mr. Entertainment. One cannot resist not only his unique talent but his smile as well. We would highly recommend Zach for any kind of party! He is truly a professional that will go far and we can all say that we had the pleasure of knowing him when.... Thanks Zach for sharing your talent with us!

Ben Timmis

SMART Fitness & Nutrition Coordinator

Our students involved in our extracurricular program loved Zachary's performance. He was entertaining, engaging, and motivating. We usually had problems keeping the attention of our students. Zachary kept their attention as they were intrigued by his skill and outgoing personality. Hire this guy. We will be having Zachary back again and again!

Mrs. Angie Lensing

Teacher, Memorial High School

The students at Snowflake 2012 enjoyed the entertainment that Zachary provided. He is a very motivated young man who performs with amazing enthusiasm.

Ryan Maglinger

First Southern Baptist Church- Children's Minister

Zachary is a high energy, engaging performer who interacts with his audience from young kids to adults. He was the perfect touch to our Upward basketball/cheerleading celebration awards banquet. I would highly recommend him for any event. He is very flexible and a pleasure to work with.

Alicia Maurer

Chandler's 21st CCLC Site Coordinator

The 21st CCLC students at Chandler Elementary loved Trix Stix. Mr. Watson is an amazing performer and motivational speaker; he had the students' attention from the very beginning!

Linda Crick

Assistant Principal of Bosse High School

Zach captured our seniors with his enthusiasm and message on the last Friday of the year at Bosse High School. Getting positive comments from seniors at this time of year speaks volumes about Zachary's presentation. We thoroughly enjoyed it and appreciated the important points about college and career pursuits that he made to these students. Noelle, Zachary's special education sister at Bosse, was part of his act and did an awesome job.

Mary Weber

Tekoppel Elementary Playground Supervisor

Zachary Watson is a great entertainer! He has very high energy and the kids loved him! He gets everyone in the audience involved including the adults! He was great entertainment from start to finish! The kids never got bored with him during the performance! I would recommend him for any party or school. He was truly and enjoyment to have at our camp and the kids can?t stop talking about him! Thanks Zach for sharing your talent with us!

Eileen Crow

Director for Junior Mental Health Association

"Zachary was one of our speakers for Junior Mental Health Association meeting. His program was awesome!! He is an incredible performer and motivator. His was amazing as he brought his message and skills to the kids. He kept their attention and shared with them a wonderful message. The kids loved him and loved the Trix Stix that Zachary uses. Great performance!!

Rachel Freyberger

Burdette Park Day Camp Counselor

Zachary Watson came to our day camp and performed his Trix Stix routine. He had great energy and was very enthusiastic throughout his whole performance. Both the kids and staff were very engaged and had fun participating. Zach is a great motivator and is perfect for any day camp. I would definitely recommend him to any school, camp, or after school program who is looking for a fun, educational, and motivational performance.

Suzie Pace

Satisfied Mom

Our son Jacob (13) had become a big fan of Zachary and his Trix Stix skills over the past two summers while Zachary was tutoring Jacob in math. Zachary used his Trix Stix as an incentive for Jacob to do well in his tutoring sessions and would teach him a new Trix Stix skill at the end of each tutoring session. It was a great way to make the math tutoring fun and something that Jacob really looked forward to! We decided to hire Zachary and his Trix Stix as entertainment for Jacob's 13th birthday party knowing that it's not always easy to keep a large group of middle-school boys' attention. Zachary's high-energy, zany humor and fantastic Trix Stix skills kept them totally engaged and they loved it! I would highly recommend Zachary for any age party, special event or school function. He is an excellent entertainer, positive role model & speaker with an excellent motivational message for schools and an all-around fine young man!

Chad Benefield

Morning Guy at 92.5 WBKR

We booked Zachary for the 2012 Pumpkinfest in Owensboro and he was simply terrific. His stage show at the festival was a true highlight of the event. He was engaging and funny and his skills were unparalleled! Kids loved him. Our adult festival-goers were amazed. And My Trix Stix was a HUGE hit! We will definitely have him back!

Trix Stix Customer

Satisfied Mother

I bought a pair of Trix Stix for my daughter and son and adore is not a strong enough word for the Trix Stix! They go to school with them every day and they have them in their hands constantly at home. The Trix Stix are a major hit!

Gary Messel

President of North Junior High PTSA

Zach performed at our Back To School Bash. The 7th and 8th grade students and adults enjoyed his performance. It was a lot of fun for all and a great way to finish the Bash and head off to the NHS football game.

Elissa Bakke

West Terrace PTA Co-President

When I first read Zachary's promotional material, I chuckled a bit when I saw he promoted himself as a "motivation speaker". I thought, What could a 20 something young man have learned at such a young age to be a successful motivational speaker?? And then I met him and attended a performance at West Terrace Elementary School. Zachary has a rare ability to communicate and impart important messages to people of all ages. While Zachary's Trix Stix performances are out of this world fun and entertaining, he can offer much more. I would definitely recommend Zachary for not only entertainment purposes, but as a speaker to kids and adults alike. His optimism and passion are catching and he will motivate and invigorate even the most difficult of groups.

Mandy Heacock

Elks Give Boot to Drugs

Zachary Watson dazzled Elkhorn Elementary students and staff with his positive drug free message and his amazing Trix Stix! The Elks are a hard bunch to impress but Zachary was up for the challenge! The students loved the performance and all of them wanted to learn how to use the Trix Stix. The staff were equally excited and impressed! Zachary defiantly impressed our Elks! If you are looking for something new and exciting you have to call Zachary and his Trix Stix!

Beckey Johnson - Youth Service Center Director

Lawrenceburg, KY - Anderson Middle School

WOW, we were so happy to have Zachary perform at our Red Ribbon Week Rally in Kentucky! The students and staff raved about how much they enjoyed the performance. It was a great way to end Red Ribbon Week and bring awareness to such an important topic. He has a passion for what he does and was over the top energetic which the kids loved!! I highly recommend Zachary and his Trix Stix for your next function!!!

Jennifer Waple

Teacher at Lodge Community School

The day before Thanksgiving break, Lodge was entertained by the Trix Stix performer, Zachary Watson. Lodge's PBIS team arranged for Zachary to come and celebrate students who met a short term behavior goal. He entertained a very engaged crowd of over 400 students. For over an hour, Lodge students who follow the PRIDE promise were kept on their toes as Zach jumped around in the audience, chose student and teacher volunteers, and performed an amazing show with Trix Stix he makes himself. It is now almost two weeks later and the students are still talking about his performance. I would highly recommend hiring Zachary for any type of gathering.

Makenze Lawson

Title I Instructor

Zachary came to Lodge Community School to reward students for great PRIDEful behavior. His energy and excitement kept our students on their toes the entire performance. He was an exceptional guest in our school and did an amazing job entertaining and rewarding our students! The students loved it!

Suzanne Mosbey

Evansville Psychiatric Children's Center

Wow! What a performance! The kids and staff loved you! Thank you for being a great role model for our children. They learned a lot and we are discussing purchasing some Trix Stix for the Center. We look forward to having you perform at EPCC again in the future.

Becky Glines

Satisfied Customer

My son Eli had such a great 7th birthday party because of Zachary Watson! One of the attendees even said this was the best birthday party they had ever been to! My son practiced his Trix Stix for days after his party and even told me he wanted Zachary to be at all his future parties! He has even started planning colors of other Trix Stix he wants!

Lynn Pierce

Principal of Elberfeld Elementary School

Your Trix Stix "Get Fit and Stick With It" Gym Class program was AWESOME! The students K-6 grade as well as the teachers had so much fun learning the Trix Stix methods. You did a great job engaging the students, and your sense of humor added comedy to your demonstration. Thanks again for a FUN, Entertaining, and Physically Engaging workshop program.

Gene E. Raber

Principal Lynnville Elementary School

Thank you, Zachary. Your "Stick Together Against Bullying" and "Get Fit and Stick With It" gym class programs were wonderful, and I look forward to working with you again!

Michelle R.

My son really enjoyed your show at JHCastle last spring. He made sure that his sisters and I saw your show today at Holiday World. Exquisite!! Loved it, you were awesome and sooo much fun! Guess what is now on his Christmas list?! I have a feeling Santa will be ordering at least one set this holiday season.

Lindsey Smiley


You performed at my school the other day. Breckinridge County Middle School, your speech helped me to never give up on myself . Thanks and keep doing what your doing!

Brandon Daugherty

Pack 383 Cubmaster

We brought Zachary to our back to school Pack Meeting to break from our usual fun for something new and exciting. Each of the boys, siblings, and parents in attendance loved the Get Fit and Stick With It Making Trix Stix event! Zachary totally captivated the kids throughout the whole process - engaging them at the beginning, keeping their interest while they were making their own Trix Stix, teaching them all basic skills that they could do with their new toy, and wowing them with his own mad skills. If you are looking for some entertainment, whether that be a demonstration or a hand on event, you cannot go wrong with Zachary and the Trix Stix. Thank you again Zachary, we had a great evening and it was a great start to our Cub Scouting year.

Dana Cohlmeyer

Young Adult Specialist, Alexandrian Public Library

Fun. Professional. Energetic. Easy to deal with. Kid-friendly. Engaging. Talented. ... Those are just a few words I'd use to describe Zach's performance at our library's Summer Reading Program kick-off event on June 1, 2011. He quickly found himself surrounded by kids and kids-at-heart who couldn't take their eyes off the Trix Stix His performance was fun and energetic and when he involved kids and adults by trying to teach them basics, everyone loved it. During the performance, I even had Teen Advisory Board members asking if we could have him back sometime so we're working to get him back in a couple of months to do another program! Zach was very professional in his dealings with us which makes it easy to recommend him to any group looking for a fun, engaging, talented performer.

Jessica Hall

Elementary Teacher

Zachary had both the students and the staff at Tennyson on the edge of their seats throughout his performance. His talent for juggling his Trix Stix almost surpasses his talent for public speaking. He had the kids' undivided attention whether he was showing them a trick or delivering his compelling message of responsibility, respect, determination, and leadership. His energy, friendly demeanor, and the ease with which he interacts with the kids make him a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. I would recommend his program to any school that wants to motivate, reward, and/or educate their students for any reason. They will thank you for it!

Jami Marsh

Director, Lemonade Day Indianapolis

Zachary was part of a pep rally we did at a local elementary school in Indianapolis to get the kids "pumped up" about Lemonade Day, which was right around the corner. The kids were so enthralled with his performance (the adults too!). It was SO much fun! Zachary was a pleasure to work with, very professional. I would absolutely recommend him (and have done so) to other schools and organizations. He's a great talent!

Allison Garrard

Physical Education Teacher at Mater Dei High School

I was very fortunate to have Zachary Watson come to my high school physical education classes to teach the Trix Stix. It was a wonderful experience for my freshman and upper level classes to partake in. Trix Stix truly allowed my students to work on their hand-eye coordination while having a fun time trying something new. Even my upper level lifetime sports class found it to be an exciting new activity that challenged them as well. Overall, Mr. Watson did a great job adapting the tricks to match the students' skill level, and I highly recommend this thrilling activity of Trix Stix to all physical education classes.

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