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Testimonials (old)

It's easy to see for yourself the extraordinary successes and proven results that we have had with clients in the past. Check out what people are saying about Trix Stix LLC! Firsthand accounts and evaluations from schools to colleges, to churches and parties, and even testimonials about our products can all be found below. Find out below what principals, program managers, counselors, museum and library coordinators, teachers, parents, and other customers are saying about Trix Stix LLC's programming!

I was very fortunate to have Zachary Watson come to my high school physical education classes to teach the Trix Stix. It was a wonderful experience for my freshman and upper level classes to partake in. Trix Stix truly allowed my students to work on their hand-eye coordination while having a fun time trying something new. Even my upper level lifetime sports class found it to be an exciting new activity that challenged them as well. Overall, Mr. Watson did a great job adapting the tricks to match the students' skill level, and I highly recommend this thrilling activity of Trix Stix to all physical education classes.

Allison Garrard

Physical Education Teacher at Mater Dei High School

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